Project: Button Custom Graphics Shop / Studio / Expression of One's Self!.
This space will be a reflection of our buisness model, methods and self. Some will like it others will not. I believe if everyone is comfortable with it your not doing anything new.

This building has a history. It is the original post office in the area and you got to love the 1930's Art Deco. Although she has been abused for many years we will give her the proper due over the next 2 yeas.

Yes, although this building has been a host of things over the years, the latest was a scrapbook store. Poor old building hates being pink and having one of the most awful signs know to man on it. It will take some time but we will get noticed once again.
First this old girl gets a new dress! Time for paint!
Now that she is painted we can spend all winter on a full gut and remodel. Get ready for the interior, it's going to be fun, and by fun I mean not very.
They must have gotten a deal on pink paint. Demo underway. Taking her down to the bones.
Can you believe someone would actually drywall a beam like that. I think I will be using that as a focal point; the inspiration for my whole design, here we go. The next photos skip ahead about 9 months, sorry, in my insulating, new electrical, new plumbing, you name it, no heat dead of winter remodel, I forgot my camera. You get the idea, we did a COMPLETE gut, down to the concrete all the way around. Below are some shots with our moving in well under way.
Skip ahead about 9 months to a year and we are moving in, look at that beam now, very cool.
This is my reception desk. All custom designed, fabricated and pulled out of the scrap pile at the recycling center, that's right salvaged steel. Like I said, you can't buy this kind of personality.
Like this little number, I priced displays like this online, almost 3K. I built this one from scrap shelving with a little glue, paint and a lot of creativity. I have UNDER 300 bucks into this, and those acrylic boxes, well, those were $25 each. Less the acrylic I built this display case for under $100 total plus, this is a custom fit. Score one for creativity and less in the landfill.
Can anyone say work bench. That's right, my days of working on the floor are over. I built these to work comfortably at my personal height. No more bending over for me. Did I mention the tables are more scrap metal from the recycling center. That's right more stuff saved from the landfill.
A well laid out production room is key. No reason this area can't look great also.
Now that you have seen the bulk of the remodel let's start to see what it looks like when you start adding some projects and signage to things. You thought that was fun, now it's time to add some real personality.
Why buy awnings when you can make them yourself. Here are some befores of what we used to build our awnings, yes more scrap metal and old discarded industrial racking. Spending smart is good for business and good for the environment. I belive in lean, mean and green!
We took the old scrap shelving and designed and fabricated some new awnings for the building. Below you will see them on the building along with a new overhead sign and some misc. window signage. From the street we are starting to come together, we also got a few things up inside as well so on to the interior shots.
The store front is very close to 90% finished now, not bad for an old building some scrap metal and a WHOLE lot of work! Now lets see some of the inside now that we have gotten moved in and a lot of our work on the walls, the inside is ongoing and we are always adding projects and personality. This space lives and grows as business does, it's a living space.
This is about the view from my desk now, before.
After. That's about it, just a shade under 2 years to get to this point. If you haven't figured it out by now I would say our style is something I like to call "blue collar contemporary", a wonderful cross of designer meets contractor! Our studio is located at 227 Main St. in Grand Coulee, WA. Feel free to stop in and check us out sometime. I promise you you haven't see nothing yet!